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     Born and raised on Chicago's west side, Will Wilson a.k.a. Tha DJ Hi-Speed always had a love for music. From his grandfather who kept collections of vintage jazz to his dad who played countless hours of soul from the 60s and 70s, disco, rhythm and blues, Speed had inherited a wide knowledge of music at a very early age. Listening and watching his father make tapes for his grandfathers club, Speed began to embrace a God-given gift...the art of djing.

     Once caught in the act of working his father's stereo equipment on his own, Speed's dad spyed on his baby boy playing record after record, identifying which song to play on each album, carefully placing the needle at the beginning of each cut, controlling the volume for smooth transitions from one turntable to the other, handling all vinyl with fragile care while replacing every album in its rightful cover...and he was only 3 years old. Soon after the discovery of their toddler's gift, Speed's mom would have him play soul, old school R&B and disco songs for her each day. With loving support from his family who embraced and nurtured this natural ability to mix music, Speed began djing for various audiences from grandpa's evening company at age 5, to playing grammar school dances at age 8.

     With house music as his 1st love Speed began spinning the hottest dance music, while secondly satisfying his crowd with his own style of mixing and blending beat breaks, vintage R&B and hip hop. By the time he reached high school, Speed's natural djing talent and knowledge of music had grown in such abundance that he began to spin for more diverse crowds. This sprouted more business for Speed and more opportunities to rock different crowds, a challenge he passionately enjoys. Not long after graduating from high school, Speed was ready to take djing to the next level, not only as a businessman, but as an artist, musician, producer and entertainer.

     Speed's gift is displayed by his creativity, his original style of djing, and showcasing of his precise skills. He has been fortunate enough to share his craft across States and Internationally. You will never hear it like this again...representing Chicago, ladies and gentlemen it's

'Tha DJ HI-Speed'

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